Make an impression without leaving a Trace…

At Eventology TT we have always been motivated to be a responsible organization.

Before sustainability was a hot topic, we developed our wood-based eco-truss solution which replaces aluminum truss in event design, minimizing our carbon footprint. We’re big fans of re-installing, repurposing and reusing branded materials for our clients!

However, the question we’ve always faced is ‘How do we measure our progress towards sustainability?’

To answer this question, we are pleased to have partnered with Trace – a UK-based platform developed by Isla – to improve event sustainability in the Caribbean. We invite your organization to take a step with us towards sustainable events

Our Process

Here are four steps you can take to help your organization reach its sustainability goals, while still making an impression with memorable events and stand-out booths.

1. Introductory Discussion
Call us at 225-0357 or 798-8120 to schedule a discussion with our team where we learn about your event, and share how we can work with your organization to help you reach your sustainability goals.

2. On-Boarding
We get to know about your event, your organization and your sustainability goals in more detail.

3. Provide Data for Calculations
We will work with your organization, the venue, key partners and suppliers to gather all the data required to generate a quality sustainability report.

4. Get your Event Score and Sustainability Report
Once the event is completed, our team then generates an event score and a sustainability report that not only details what the environmental impact of the event was, but also makes strategic recommendations on how the organization can make changes to reduce the environmental footprint of future events.

5. Implement Recommendations in Future Events
Based on the results of the report, your organization can set proactive targets for future events.


How much does this cost?
The cost varies based on the number of attendees, which areas of the event you’d like to measure, the duration of the event, and other similar factors. To request a quotation.

What does the base package include?
The package includes one of our team members working with you to gather data, provide input and make suggestions throughout the event planning process. Once the event has been completed, we provide a sustainability report including the results and recommendations for how you can decrease the environmental impact of your events.

What types of events can you measure?
We can measure the environmental impact of any type of event - from conferences and meetings to festivals and expos.

Can you measure the impact of an event if Eventology is not planning the event?
We are willing to work closely with your in-house planning team to measure the environmental impact of your events. However, the accuracy of the results is improved when we are also managing the event and its related supply chains.

How do I get started?
Call us at 225-0357 or 798-8120 to schedule an introductory discussion and get started on improving the sustainability of your next event!

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