Energy Conference Booth

DS Belcon

Energy Conference Booth

Our Role: Exhibitions

The Challenge:

DS Belcon’s main goal was to communicate their fast growing footprint in the port agency, and oil and gas sector. Their business recently expanded to Suriname, which is their 5th location, as of 2023. They also wanted to modernize their general look to the public, as they recently updated and simplified their logo.


  • Designed and built a booth themed around the ocean incorporating its wave curves on structural elements, artwork and a textured wall.
  • Prominently displayed a map of their five business locations on a feature wall.
  • Included a charging station to encourage guests to prolong their stay at the booth as well as tie in the energy factor of their business.


  • Guests opted to remain at the booth for longer periods of time, utilizing the charging station
  • Increased awareness of DS Belcon’s international presence and partnerships
  • Meaningful connections made, including a visit and photo op by the Minister of Energy of Trinidad and Tobago


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