Guardian Life Sales Awards

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Guardian Life Sales Awards

Our Role: Experiences

The Challenge:

After having a successful technology focused event at the beginning of the year, Guardian Life wanted to continue to showcase the company’s commitment to innovation by injecting that technology-driven theme into its annual agent Sales Awards.


  • Conceptualized an event name and tagline “Metamorph: Our Global Transformation” and its visual identity, in keeping with Guardian’s current company vision, brand guidelines and color story.
  • Coordinated filming of award winners and various speeches for a blended event of pre recording and live presentations
  • Developed the run of show and script timing to seamlessly integrate various entertainment acts to maintain the interest of viewers, during the long running production
  • Executed a sleek and futuristic environment, with a strong emphasis on technology, to highlight the theme of the event.


  • Reduced the overall run time of the event by 50%, while maintaining the entertainment value
  • Transformed the Hyatt ballroom into an immersive technology-centered brand experience
  • Maximized the value of the Hyatt venue by adding an after-party to the awards ceremony


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