MYNDS National Youth Awards

Ministry of Youth Development and National Service

MYNDS National Youth Awards

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The Challenge:

Every year The Ministry of Youth Development and National Service (MYDNS) hosts the National Youth Awards to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of the young men and women of Trinidad and Tobago. Although the event has always been popular with attendees, the Ministry’s team was ready to level-up the event to reflect a modern and dynamic Ministry and appeal to today’s youth and their interests.


  • Conceptualized a black and gold themed event around the client’s existing tagline “Celebrating the Excellence of T&T’s Youth” This created an opulent atmosphere, for attendees to feel valued and immersed in a memorable experience.
  • Created an iconic “Trophy Box” photo booth, influenced by pop culture, where attendees stepped inside the box to become real life sized trophies themselves.
  • Developed the event flow and script timing for the event hosts to ensure the delivery of a cohesive and polished presentation and a smooth running production within the designated time frame.
  • Booked a cast of highly skilled entertainers from various cultural backgrounds, which highlighted T&T’s multicultural identity, showcased their unique talents and promoted inclusivity.


  • Reduced the run time of the programme by 1 hour, ensuring that the audience’s attention was maintained throughout the event.
  • Received overwhelmingly positive feedback from awardees, specially invited guests and the client.
    Significantly improved the flow of the distribution of awards, minimizing errors and interruptions, and enhancing the awardee experience.


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