Perenco 30th Anniversary


Perenco 30th Anniversary

Our Role: Experiences

The Challenge:

For their 30th anniversary, Perenco, a global oil and gas company, had the idea to celebrate its anniversary with an event that would be simultaneously held in all of its offices around the world. Each event would be tailored to the culture of it’s hosting location and provide a grand celebratory experience.


  • Conceptualized an event that flew employees and their spouses to Tobago for a full day of engaging activities. Employees would experience a company focused, team building and motivational event, whereas their spouses would enjoy a relaxing day of sea and sand. At sundown, both groups would come together and celebrate 30 years of Perenco’s success at a cocktail party.
  • Organized with local Tobago suppliers to ensure a seamless event in terms of decor, rentals, stage, sound system, food and bar, which also significantly mimimized cost.
  • Meticulously planned a full day itinerary for guests, including ground transport, indoor and outdoor activities, and a late night reception with live entertainment.
  • Coordinated viewing of a livestream of the CEO’s address to all employees globally with the head office in France.


  • Received overwhelmingly positive feedback from staff and the planning committee
  • Created memorable long-lasting impressions on team members
  • Developed cases of severe ‘FOMO’ for those who did not attend 😉


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