T.H.I.S. Booth

Inter-American Development Bank

T.H.I.S. Booth

Our Role: Exhibitions

The Challenge:

The Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) 2021-2025 Country Strategy focused on the Digital Transformation of T&T. The organization’s presence at the Tech Hub Island Summit (T.H.I.S.) was to emphasize their support of digitalization to support economic transformation. It was important that visitors left the booth, with a better understanding of how the country’s strategic use of technology can significantly enhance their life.


  • Designed the booth around a main technological element: an infinity LED screen, to show continuous moving imagery surrounding the theme of technology
  • Featured curved side walls to prominently display important information on their initiatives, with a scannable QR code, and to help the booth stand out
  • Utilized modern chrome and mirrored furnishings that evoked a futuristic and technology forward look


  • The technology centered theme was clearly delivered through both the printed imagery and use of screens
  • Guests of the conference were curious about the walkover screens, which provided an attraction that brought attendees into the booth


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