Works Credit Union Rebrand

Works Credit Union

Works Credit Union Rebrand

Our Role: Rebranding

The Challenge:

Works Credit Union was seeking to modernize and update its visual branding to appeal to a younger clientele, and better align with the organization’s progressive vision.


  • Developed a new tagline and jingle that appealed to a wider youthful audience ‘Works for You, Works for Me, Works for Everybody’
  • Created a new visual brand guide to incorporate bolder more modern colours and design elements
  • Generated sub-brands that defined the organization’s forward-thinking vision: Green Works (An agricultural project created by Works Credit Union)
  • Re-defined the annual general meeting (AGM) as a major community building opportunity among the existing members


  • 2.5x increase in inbound leads for new member applications
  • Increased knowledge about available products among existing members
  • 75% increased participation in credit union events and activities
  • High brand recall and recognition of the credit union among competitors’ brands


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